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Arctic Cat ROV Speedplow 66 inch Steel Plow Blade

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Turn your machine into a snow-moving powerhouse, with the all-new SPEEDPlow system. You and your machine can move snow faster and easier than ever before. Designed especially for the Arctic Cat chassis, the SPEEDPlow can be attached, removed, and adjusted with ease. When the snow gets heavy, the SPEEDPlow gets going with accessories including snow deflectors, drift cutters, edge markers and curb finders. In just minutes, you can clear sidewalks, plow driveways and free your space from winter’s snowy grip. The SPEEDPlow system requires installation of a Plow Mount & Push Frame Kit, Blade, and Winch for use of the complete system. (each piece sold individually)

Optimized 20" tall moldboard curve creates increased snow-roll performance and allows for more efficient snow movement. Compatible with a variety of accessories for added ease of plowing. Accessories include ready-to-install snow deflectors, drift cutters, edge markers, curb finders, and easy-to-remove wearbars. Stamped plow face adds increased rigidity to the face of the plow. This includes the plow blade kit only.

Fits 2436-390, 2436-587, or 2436-676 Speedplow Push Frame kit (sold separately)