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Leatt Cooling Tee Coolit

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COOLIT EVAPORATIVE COOLING VESTS & TEES Supercharge your body´s natural cooling system.

At Leatt® we take pride in our safety products, and as riders and racers ourselves, we also know there is a need for some performance enhancing products.

The Coolit vests and Coolit tees are our first combination performance enhancing/safety products.

Riders need to stay cool while riding.

As your core temperature rises your body loses function and you can´t ride as well.

This is the beginning of heat stoke which, quite tragically, can kill riders in extreme circumstances.

The Coolit vests and tees rely on the Hyperkewl™ material, invented by Techniche International, to absorb, store and release water over time.

Worn next to the skin to, initially, keeps you cool by the coolness of the water and, later, by the evaporation process.

The stretchable panels are made of moisture wicking fabric to further enhance the Coolit´s evaporation feature.

Both the vest version and the tee version are light, cool, inexpensive, and effective.

The tee version adds critical cooling to the blood supply running up your arm inside the bicep area.

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