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C3 Stealth Under-Fender Bag 2.0 HD

SKU 2890811

Backcountry safety is important, but you don't want your backpack any fuller than it needs to be... The Stealth under-fender storage bag is your answer! NEW heavy duty design! We took our time to reinforce key areas and add thoughtful features, and then torture-test for a full season to prove durability - THIS is the fender bag you've been waiting for!

Held "high & dry" securely in the empty space under your fender without stressing the fender thanks to the formed aluminum frame, it's the perfect size for lightweight items such as extra gloves, spare belt, tow strap...


- Tough, water resistant materials
- NEW Cross strap for a more secure fit
- Adjustable position and length to fit your fender perfectly
- NEW Rear fender compatible! Longer strap with mount hole allows bag to be used on front or rear! For the rear, you just need to find a suitable subframe mounting bolt, or drill a small hole in the inner rear fender plastic to add one, or zip-tie around your strut, etc
- Opening wraps around 3 sides for improved access, so you don't have to stuff everything in from the front! 
- Rounded front for smoother zipping, plus blends in better with your bike's style
- Curved edges = more edge perimeter to stretch and avoid stress concentrations in main joining stitches
- Specialized flatlock stitching and edge hemming prevents neoprene tears

Fits great with most full-sized motocross bikes with standard fenders, front or rear
For snowbike use only as the dirtbike's wheel would contact the bag with suspension bottom-out
Not recommended to hold heavy items like tools or large amounts of liquid
Not recommended for use with Trio front shock (may not fit without modification)

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