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Leatt GPX 5.5 FlexLock Enduro Boots


The all new Leatt GPX 5.5 FlexLock boot is a 3-year project with long term development and testing using Pro athletes from all over the world! The GPX 5.5 boot is a real head-turner when it comes to looks and style, but the design brief was comfort and protection also, and Leatt nailed it the first time. As you slide your foot inside the boot, you instantly feel the plush interior and quality of the materials used, it’s like putting your feet inside your favorite shoes or slippers! The adjustable FlexLock system reduces forces to the ankle by up to 37% and the knee by up to 35% by locking out the ankle movement when over flexed, giving you that feeling of security. With great feel of the frame, gear lever and rear brake, these boots instantly feel so good. You must check out the SlideLock Velcro function, it really is ground-breaking in security fastening boot technology.


  • FlexLock System: Adjustable boot flex, LockOut of the ankle movement
  • Force Reduction: LockOut ankle movement gives: Up to 37% reduction of ankle forces, up to 35% reduction of forces to the knee
  • Outstanding first-class fit even for wide feet
  • Ankles: 3D-shaped impact foam over ankles, heel grip ankle design
  • Toe-Box: Low-profile, gear shift friendly shape
  • Sole: DualZone hardness, extended foot peg riding zone for arch and on the blade riding style, steel shank reinforced and CE certified
  • Cuff: SlideLock system, Auto-locking, one-way sliding closure
  • Bike Grip: Flat and grippy bike side of the boots for great bike feel
  • Buckles: Forged aluminum, over-locking function
  • Inner Liner: Breathable mesh 3D liner with anti-slip reinforcement for zero heel lift
  • CE tested and certified as: prEN 13634: 2017
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