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Predator Pro Slip On Exhaust T100 (2009-2016)

SKU BC902-104-P
increased horsepower
Killer exhaust tone
Revolutionary one-piece design made from 304 stainless steel for durability and quality
Innovative HVO technology that improves performance with uninterrupted airflow
Include a rubber mounting system that isolates engine vibration from the frame and eliminates bracket fatigue
Sold in pairs
Easy to install and bolt-on 
Enhanced sound, performance, and looks

The reverse cone exhaust shape has been used since the 60s, tested through the years to have a unique way of sucking gasses out of the exhaust chambers and really boosting performance. We preserved this classic design for both its aesthetic and performance benefits, and combined it with our louvered baffle core to produce a vintage Triumph sound to match its retro look. 

After 12 years of redesigning, track testing, and listening to customer feedback on our original Predator Exhaust, we gathered everything we learned to release our updated exhaust in 2017. While the looks and sounds are the same, we updated the louvered baffle design, sealing it inside the exhaust for a durable, integrated construction. We also reworked the mounting brackets to be rubber mounted in order to isolate engine vibration transfer to the rider and reduce bracket fatigue.

Being a slip-on, the Predator Pro Exhaust is easy to install, providing a substantial upgrade to your Triumph modern classic that you can see and feel.  
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