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TACS PROTEC Mousse Medium 18"

SKU BES-100701

Suitable for all 18" rear wheels using Tubliss.
developed with passion for hard enduro!

What's TACS PROTEC Mousse?
TACS PROTEC Mousse was developed by TACS RACING SYSTEMS to make your ride even smoother, faster and safer by protecting your tire and your TUbliss system... Our TACS PROTEC Mousse will be installed on the TUbliss ring and creates the following advantages for your riding:

• progressive damping technology
• improved off-camber traction
• anti snake bite (drastically reduced puncture risk)
• additional TUbliss protection
• high resistant and durable material
• the air chamber above the mousse creates traction
• ultra light weight - only 600 g (1,32 lb)
• What's the big advantage compared to other half mousses?

The TACS PROTEC Mousse is designed to sit directly on the TUbliss which stabilizes the tire side wall much more than a (self-cut) half mousse which sits loosely in the tire. In Addition, for riders who use our TACS-PRO RACING - Tire Air Control System in combination it is secured that no mousse parts block the air line of the Air Control System which is the case with self-cut mousses.

How to mount...
The installation of our TACS PROTEC Mousse is very easy. It will be installed on the TUbliss ring and fits automatically on the TUbliss ring. The video shows the installation process.

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