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TU-BLISS Rim Lock System Rear 18"

SKU 222-0018
by Tubliss

TUBLISS Replaces Conventional Inner Tubes With A Small Red 100 Psi Insert That Creates Two Different Pressure Zones Inside The Tire Itself. This Enables An Incredible 100PSI Of Rim Protection, Increased Tire Stability And Eliminates Pinch Flats. In Turn, This Allows You To Run Very Low Tire Pressure For Massive Gains In Traction And A Much Plusher Ride. 

Breakthrough Low Pressure Capability 
Massive Traction Gains 
Plusher Ride 
Lighter Than Heavy-duty Tubes 
No Pinch Flats 
2 Minute Tire Repair 
Superior Rim Protection 
Super Durable 
Tires Last Longer 
Ultimate Upgrade 
Kit Includes 
TU-BLISS Insert 
Installation Guide 
Rim Tape  
Plug And Sticker Kit For Rim 

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